Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blogging pressure

Ok, I admit I confessed to laziness and expressed doubts as to whether this would last but what I didn't realise was that it would create another mouth demanding to be fed. By that I mean that I've been away from computers for a few days, living a real life visiting family and therefore unable to dispense the pearls of wisdom my faithful followers (OK 'follower') expect of me. And subliminally, I'm being nagged by this blog to contribute something or slip into oblivion.

Next week, when I've stopped having a good time and I've answered the emails and caught up with the various web postings and read about which twitter contributors are just about to go to sleep or have a ham sandwich or whatever, I'll feed this blog again. Meantime, I hope you're having a good time too.


  1. I'm having a great time painting and packing. No time to write anything but blog articles, but that, too, shall soon pass (I hope). I await your further pearls of wisdom when you return.

  2. Come back soon, Bill. Your pearls are sorely missed.

  3. Why can't blogging be a good time? I put everything that comes in into a "Sunday" folder. On Sunday mornings, I wake up, make coffee, then open my folder like a Christmas present. My profile has taken off and I get asked to be interviewed and reviewed. Is there such a thing as too much free publicity? It was much harder to promote before these sites were developed!

  4. Thank you, yes I'm having a good time. But now I have to go,eat a cheese sandwich, scratch my back and yawn. When I'm done I will try to find the energy to answer your email.
    Blog or no blog, there are always a few of your entertaining books to read.