Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Big Plug

This posting will come as a blow to those of you who come here for spiritual enlightenment or to enjoy an oasis of refinement and culture in your busy schedules. The reason? I’m plugging a book.

No, not the one I’m writing on study skills – that’s now over the 80,000 word mark and will, I hope, be finished well before the deadline. I’ll blog about it when I have time because it’s been a very interesting experience, unlike any writing I’ve done before. Even when I was writing my thesis (just after the relief of Mafeking), I remember the process being one of slow growth, occasional ‘discoveries’ and time to indulge myself with what the external examiner called ‘coups de trompette’, meaning stylistic flourishes (or maybe excrescences). This has been more like an absence. But, as I said, I’ll get back to it.

So, my plug. (Oh, before I get to that, another thing occurs. I’ve recorded three of my kids’ stories about a misanthropic fairy called Stanley and they’re now on shortbreadstories.com. You can hear me doing silly voices there.)

Where was I? Yes. It’s my historical crime novel, The Figurehead. It was accepted for publication by Virtual Tales in the USA. It’ll be an e-book and a paperback. I sent it to them last year and was beginning to fear it had been lost in credit crunch melt-downs or something. But no, I got a lovely email from them this afternoon to say it’s in pre-sale mode. Sure enough, there’s the cover on their website and, apparently, if you want a preview and/or a copy, all you have to do is e-mail them at:
and you’ll get information about publication dates, availability, pricing, etc. as soon as it’s available. You’ll also get to read the first four chapters for free before the general public does and a coupon for 40% off the cover price if you buy it from them. No deposits, no commitments, just access to what will be the literary sensation of … er … my house.


  1. Good luck with your book, Bill. I hope to see them in a shop near me soon

  2. so cool! congratulations. So much going on at the same time, right?

  3. Thank you Edith. I share your hope.

    And yes, Scary. But that's one of the beauties of writing - months of silence, then one tiny bit of news that clears away the cobwebs. But then again, I even enjoy the silence.

  4. Congratulations! Good to know that fingers in different pies does net good results. Best wishes.

  5. Thanks Linda - fingers in different pies also keeps you (relatively) sane.

  6. Congratulations, Bill. That's exciting news. Can't wait to read more about it.

  7. Thanks, Marley. I think this book will be finished in a week or so so I can indulge myself with some blogging and things then.