Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I forgot to mention something else. I suspect (and hope) that anyone reading this will be far too young to remember a series of adverts for White Rain. They were based on creating mystery and stimulating curiosity. Following their example, I’ll be mentioning The Sparrow now and again over the next couple of months (or less) (or more) with the sole intention of piquing your curiosity to such an extent that you’ll be sending me barrowloads of pounds and dollars to tell you what it’s all about. For the moment, as I said on my Facebook page, all I’m prepared to reveal is that the Sparrow may be stirring. (I also added a comment about Winston Churchill’s reply to the news that his fly was open but I won’t repeat that here since I’m aware of the gentility of my readers and would hate to sully any sensibilities.)


  1. And where in the he$$ is your Facebook page? Could I suggest a link somewhere, or am I overlooking it? Yes, I'm dying to know about the sparrow, unfortunately, no money. Nada.

  2. Yeah, where is the FB link please? also, perhaps a silly question but who is Anneke Klein? :))

  3. Marley, 'Sully my sensibility' is the best offer I've had in years. But now we're friends on Facebook, you'll see the Winston Churchill reference.

    Scary, if you search for my name on Facebook, you should find me and we'll be friends. I looked for scaryazeri but you obviously use a different name there.
    And Anneke is a Dutch friend. She designed my website and helped me to sort out some aspects of this blog.

  4. Bill, you can create a Facebook fan page for yourself. That one is accessible for everybody. You can post news about your publications on it, and of course a link to your website and blog.
    I'm sure your fans will appreciate it. :-)

    (+ *waves to scaryazery*)

  5. Ah, Anneke, your continuing faith in my supposed ability to do these online things is touching. I'd also have to overcome the British feeling that touting for 'fans' is hubristic.

  6. Well, your ability to teach me new words in English is a fact. I'll certainly remember 'hubristic' and use it in my future writings to impress everybody.
    Merci beaucoup monsieur.