Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vladimir Poignard - the interview

To celebrate a couple of milestones for the Booksquawk site to which I contribute reviews, I wrote what we called a spooftacular. And, since it seems that everyone grabs the excuse of Halloween to do a 'special', I thought I'd slavishly follow the fashion, join the flock, and share it here. Before this recording, all that was known of the person behind the wildly popular writer of such horror classics as I Recognise The Neck But Who Does The Razor Belong To? and The Night Of The Haggis was that he lived somewhere in the north of England and had resolutely refused to be photographed or give interviews. I have no idea why his representatives agreed to allow me to meet him, and what follows is a rare aural document and a genuine scoop for the blog. Only three people were present at the recording: Vladimir, myself, and my wife, Carolyn.

Audio track - Vladimir Poignard, the interview by Bill Kirton

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  1. What a scr...ea...mmm, Bill! Some good horror ideas from your interviewee.

  2. You can have them, Rosemary. They'd work well in a Regency setting.

  3. This was wonderful, Bill! Heh...

  4. Thanks Richard. For some reason I didn't know you were doing a Word Count Halloween special, otherwise I'd have sent it to you for that.