Saturday, 3 March 2012

The last post (probably)

According to my stats, this is blog 188, according to Blogspot’s it’s 185. Doesn’t matter, though, because it’s (probably) the last one here. For the record, I think blogspot's a great place to have a blog - very quick and easy to use and demanding nothing in the way of expertise with codes, programming or any of those other terrifying skills which seem accessible to 7 year olds but not to me. In case you didn’t know, my reason for moving is that I’ve got a new website and I’ve attached my blog to it. It seemed to make sense at the time. So, if you’d like to see more of the living, writing and other stuff I muse over and you haven’t yet visited the new place, it’s here. Thanks for all the comments. I hope you'll keep on making them.

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  1. Thanks Marley - or do you prefer Livia nowadays? Good to know you'll still be visiting.

  2. hi.

    i like your blog !
    I love amira basmati rice – we eat it a lot on the side because it just so good when lightly cooked in the microwave but it is more challenging to cook well in a dinner because it easily loses its glorious