Friday, 9 September 2011

Daughter of Questionnaire

All is revealed by Maria Kuroshchepova, R B Wood, Greta van der Rol, Heikki Hietala, Michael Pollack, Gev Sweeney and Sessha Batto.

You have the chance to spend an evening with a film star of your choice. Whom would you choose and what do you hope the evening would bring? (Be honest.)

(MK) Colin Firth. He can bring his real-life wife and his “Pride and Prejudice” co-star - the lovely and voluptuous Jennifer Ehle.

(RBW) The late Marlon Brando. I firmly believe he was one of the best actors of the modern age. I would hope to hear about his thoughts on life, love and the world in general.

(GvdR) A film star? Film stars just don’t do it for me. They’re people being paid absurd amounts of money to pretend to be something they’re not. OK, I’ll go for Akshay Kumar and I hope he’d agree to play Admiral Saahren in the movie.

(HH) There was a time I’d have said Minnie Driver, at another I’d have said Audrey Tautou for her splendid performance in Amélie, but now I’d say Sean Connery. I just have to admire his singular charisma. I’d take him to an island on a lake in Finland and see how he likes the smoke sauna.

(MP) Gotta go with Kirsten Dunst again, plus an air compressor, a commercial paint sprayer, and that blue paint. You’ve stuck that image in my head, and it won’t go away. What do I hope it would bring? More than casual conversation about world events.

(GS) Gerard Depardieu. I want to see how bad and intelligent and French he really is.

(SB) James Earl Jones because I could listen to him talk all night and I’m sure he has some amusing stories to tell. To be honest, celebrities don’t impress me, all the famous people I’ve met have been just like anyone else, and some were a whole lot less interesting.

Complete the following sentence – `If I won the lottery and discovered that the prize had to be shared with 3 million other winners, I would …’

(MK)...have no problem sharing. And if I like any of the other winners, I’d suggest we have a party together. Naturally, I very much hope that all my writer friends are among the winners.

(RBW) …find a way to vilify them all in my writing.

(GvdR) … shrug and get on with life.

(HH) … definitely hope it was a very large lottery prize.

(MP) … open an essay contest and ask for 3 million entrants to prove how they would double their investment and cut me back in for the capital gain. It’s a win/win situation.

(GS) … start a charity to feed the hungry.

(SB) … be just as happy – free money is free money, when you’re a non-gainfully self-employed wastrel any income is a wonderful thing!

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  1. I love these. You know, I get the idea SB and I have more things in common than pulling the same Tarot card every day :D

  2. Certainly some nice surprises here, Greta.

  3. Well, I'd have to choose Sean Connery but I've heard he was arrogant and a terrible chauvinist. Is that true? On second thought, don't tell me. I absolutely hate that he's no longer making movies.

  4. No comment, Marley, except: