Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Son of Questionnaire

More soul baring from some of my Pfoxmoor colleagues: Maria Kuroshchepova, R B Wood, Greta van der Rol, Heikki Hietala, Michael Pollack, Gev Sweeney andSessha Batto.

If such a choice were possible and meaningful, would you prefer to live in a real or a virtual world? Why?

(MK) Real world never ceases to amaze me, but Andre Norton’s Witchworld and John Booth’s spellbinder universe both sound like places I’d love to live at, despite the dangers.

(RBW) I prefer the real world. So many experiences and challenges come up during the normal course of life—provides an author with a veritable cornucopia of writing material!

(GvdR) Real. Because virtual worlds smack of ‘The Matrix’. You can’t have a virtual world that is not controlled by some computer program. That’s scary and creepy. Mind you, a virtual world would be nice in some ways. Safe sex, for instance, with a male of one’s choice. (stop it) And flying on dragons and such.

(HH) Real, but augmented with a dash of virtuality in it. For example, the game Second Life would be very much fun if it had an immersive gaming experience, so that one could really feel the touch of someone else, or knock his head on the table after one beer too many.

(MP) Real world. When I was a kid I put two quarters in a soda vending machine just as some drunken jackass stumbled behind it and tripped over its power cord, unplugging it. No apology. No refund. No soda. The real world may be full of careless people, but at least it can’t be unplugged by one.

(GS) Real. I prefer the unpredictability, variety and adventure of the unknown.

(SB) I’m a pragmatist, the real world with all its ups and downs is just fine by me. I get nervous if everything goes my way too often.

You have permission to paint a celebrity in a colour of your choosing. That doesn’t mean you make a portrait, you actually get to cover them in paint. Tell us which celebrity, what colour, and why?

(MK) Angelina Jolie - paint the full Lara Croft costume onto her: black t-shirt, shorts and boots, because she absolutely nailed that role. I realize that she has since grown above and beyond the action flick chick, but I still love that image of her.

(RBW) Angelina Jolie. A very pale white or flesh tone. Because in the grand scheme of things, that’s really the color of her importance in life.

(GvdR) I’d paint our current prime minister bright green.  Does she count as a celebrity? A legend in her own tea break? (Greta lives in Australia – ed.)

(HH) I would be very happy to issue a nice, even, and utterly non-transparent cover of dull grey paint over Lady Gaga as she stood against a hangar at Boeing Aircraft Co. Just so that she wouldn’t stand out for a moment.

(MP) Kirsten Dunst in Medium Blue Quasar metallic (the color of my first car). That would be just perfect. (Kirsten Dunst features in 3 of Michael’s 11 answers. Just saying.- ed.)

(GS) .Queen Liz. Yellow. I think she enjoys a good laugh and would love to break loose, just once, in public.

(SB) Mmmmm, Jet Li because he has an extremely shapely behind. Colour doesn’t matter because, as you might have guessed, I just want to look at his naked ass!

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  1. Ah, I like the idea of being able to jump into the Second Life environment. Cool. And I heard GaGa is posing sans makeup for Harpers Bizaar this month. I'm sure she'll still stand out regardless.

  2. I don't know about Lady Gaga, Marley, but I've written some stories about a game called Alternative Dimension - a virtual online world. They're fascinating places.