Sunday, 11 September 2011

Second cousin of Questionnaire by marriage

The penultimate peek into the minds of some of the Pfoxmoor people: Maria KuroshchepovaR B WoodGreta van der RolHeikki HietalaMichael PollackGev Sweeney andSessha Batto.

If you had to change nationality, which would you choose and why?

(MK) That’s a tough one - I honestly have no idea. I mean, I am already Russian-Ukrainian-Polish-Jewish. Married to a guy who is Irish-German-Navajo-Cherokee. If I had to incorporate yet another nationality in there somewhere, things could get REALLY confusing.

(RBW) Irish. I loved Ireland when I lived there for five years.

(GvdR) Fight, kicking and screaming. I’m proud to be Australian. I love our country, our lifestyle and our attitudes. (For the most part, anyway) If it HAD to happen, I’d be a New Zealander because they’re our first cousins, anyway.

(HH) I would like to be Irish. I spent a year there working for Microsoft (so sue me) and got to know and love the laid-back ways of the people. I also love the countryside there, and the way they wouldn’t let me pay my parking fine.

(MP) Italian. The food is great, and it might make me a shoe-in for a career in organized crime.

(GS) French. The only way to dismiss fools and stupidities really is to shrug them off, à la française.

(SB) Japan because I love the language and the culture – of course, the Japanese do as well, so I imagine they’d quickly scuttle any plans I had of emigrating, the last thing they need is an Irishwoman coming and mucking it all up.

Nominate 3 types of people for a long custodial sentence in a prison that uses painful experimental therapies to `cure’ its inmates. (NOTE. Obvious categories, such as bigots, tyrants, traffic wardens, estate agents, bankers, politicians and family and friends of Rupert Murdoch do not count.)

(MK) Well, damn, you listed all my top candidates already! Ok, how about this... People who are persistently ignorant. You know, the kind that are offered all the information in the world, but they decline it just so they can keep their opinion and spew venom at others. People who demand that I make myself appear dumber in order to “fit in” better. The other winners of that lottery from question 5 unless they are my friends. ;-)

(RBW) Massachusetts drivers, recruiters who say ‘they’ll get back to you’ and never do, Weathermen (and women).

(GvdR) Old farts who can’t drive who get in front of my car. Accountants. Microsoft.

(HH) People who promise a review of your book but do not deliver. People who believe Big Brother is ‘entertainment’ and watch it voraciously. People who say Steely Dan is elevator music.

(MP) Radical Islam extremists who are contorting an otherwise peaceful faith into something horrible and violent. (2) Wealthy people who’ve achieved success on the backs of others but who do not give back in any meaningful way. (3) High school gym teachers.

(SB) People who insist on proselytizing their religious beliefs while disregarding or belittling my own, people who think that gay marriage is somehow hurting them or somehow diminishing their own marriage and, finally, the extremely rude, ‘I’m a very important person’ types who feel it’s acceptable to leave their cars anywhere it’s convenient to them (including across my driveway on a daily basis!)

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